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Application Process

Based on the National Baldrige program, IRPE recognizes exemplary organizations across all industries in the state. With more than 20 years of experience, our award process serves as a comprehensive way for organizations to assess and improve their systems and operations. Regardless of the healthcare, education, or business/nonprofit sector you belong to, you can apply for an IRPE award by utilizing the criteria books tailored to your industry.

Whether your organization is just starting it's Baldrige journey or has been on the journey for many years, IRPE has an application level that suits you.

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Application Tiers

IRPE offers three levels of participation designed to allow organizations to engage at any point in their journey.

  • Discoverer—This level is designed for organizations who are interested in beginning self-assessment and a journey towards performance excellence.
  • Navigator—This level is designed for organizations who have gained expertise in the Baldrige Criteria and are ready for a more detailed examination of their processes.
  • Trail Guide—This level requires organizations to respond to detailed questions about processes as well as results. Reaching a Gold Award at this level sets companies up to move on to the National Baldrige program.

Eligibility Requirements

    • The applicant must have employees in Iowa.
    • The applicant must have been located in Iowa for at least one year.
    • Ownership outside of Iowa does not restrict eligibility for iPEX.
    • Submission of a Baldrige application in the same year does not restrict eligibility for iPEX.
    • Organizations achieving iPEX Gold Level Recognition are ineligible to receive an award in the next three years. These organizations may, however submit an application to receive a feedback report as part of their continuing journey toward performance excellence.
    • Sub-units, buildings and departments may apply (e.g. High School only, Orthopedic Clinic, West Des Moines location only).


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