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Event Schedule


  • Doug Gilbert, "Excellence Without Borders. Five Disciplines of Role-Model Organizations" 
  • K. Kathleen O'Neill, "Listening: The Secret of Effective Teams" 
  • Monte Pedersen, "The Missing Link to Strategic Planning" 
  • Tammy Rogers, "I Have a Great Idea! Why Won't They Listen?" 
  • Crista Carlile, Mark Lane, Meredith Mauro, "Driving Employee Engagement Through Rounding for Outcomes" 
  • Doug Stilwell,, "Keep the Ball in Play" 
  • Joel Bennett, "How to Build New Habits to Drive the Change You Want" 
  • Karen Kiel Rosser, Ron Smith, "Category 3 Best Practice - Listening & Learning Approaches" 
  • Mike Wagner, "Honest Talk - About How You Can Lead Others and the Difference You Can Make" 
  • Jeremy Braden, Jim Wichman, "Learn, Lead, Serve: Utilize Feedback to Increase Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Performance in Schools" 
  • Donna Gilligan, "Great Results Through Great Relationships" 
  • Josh Streets, "Fix the Root to Get the Fruit" 
  • Rina Jensen, "Building Business Relationships - Who We Need in  Our Lives to Succeed and Why" 
  • Deb Oliver, "Student TEAMS:Connecting Students and Businesses in Learning" 
  • Jason Kiesau, "Fueling Employees for Top Performance"


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