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COVID-19 Update from IQC: To flatten the curve protecting staff, families and fellow Iowans we are holding virtual learning content (sharing, webinars, classes) as well as supporting organizations through coaching, virtual audits and projects.  Most of all we are a resource for you to talk to about what you and your business are going through right now.  Contact us any time at iqc@iowaqc.org.

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iPEX is going virtual! Join us for Iowa's ONLY conference dedicated to Performance Excellence.  Our virtual space will feature more than 20 speakers and learning session opportunities!

Your iPEX registration includes access to all sessions, keynote addresses and materials.

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Session Schedule

Session Descriptions

9:45 am Sessions

Data-Driven Strategy: A system approach to decision-making      

A system approach to decision-making emphasizes the impact achieved when organizational parts are viewed as a unified whole aligned to a clear mission. Companies led with a data-driven strategy are uniquely positioned to experience higher levels of effectiveness. However, the differentiator is on why such organizations rely on this strategy and how they use data analytics to create systematic results. In this session, we will explore these concepts through an Excellence Framework that can be leveraged by leaders, executives, managers and business professionals to realize desired outcomes.
Presenter: Eleke Ukpabi, Ruan Transportation Management Systems

Learn. Lead. Serve. - Leverage Rounding, Team Problem Solving and Workforce Engagement to Improve Learning Systems              

Participants will understand the definition of workforce engagement and key drivers of workforce engagement. Participants will understand how rounding can improve workforce and customer engagement. Participants will apply engagement drivers to problems of practice to improve organizational outcomes Participants will connect why rounding may improve organizational outcomes.             
Presenter: Jeremy Braden, J2Aspire          

Tapping into Your Employee's Discretionary Effort            

Every day your employees make a choice.  Are they going to do just what they HAVE to do or are they going to do what they are CAPABLE of doing?  That decision -- whether it's conscious or not -- can change the trajectory of a career, project, team, department or organization.          
Presenter: Tammy Rogers, The Meyvn Group

11 am Sessions

The High Touch Key to High Performance             

The interpersonal component of high performance is often overlooked. In some cases it is ignored all together. Even so, organizations that value leader/follower relationships find they achieve higher levels of engagement, employee retention and marketplace success. You will learn the basis for connecting quality of relationships to business performance. Also, a conversation tool for leadership teams will be taught to diagnosis your current leadership culture. This session is an introduction to the human systems that support successful business performance.
Presenter: Mike Wagner, White Rabbit Group              

Fostering an Innovative Culture

Level-up your organization through innovation! Insights from an IPEX gold organization on how to build innovation into strategy, how to include all employees in innovation, how innovation goes beyond technology, and how to foster innovation with key customers and partners. Presentation followed by a panel of Businessolver leaders to answer your questions during live Q & A.       
Presenter: Gina Clemen, Businessolver

The Customer Experience Journey          

Customer Experience is becoming tables stakes for an organization to compete. Josh Streets has worked with some of the world’s leading brands to refine and differentiate themselves. All with a quality, process and innovation driven approach. Join this interactive session to learn and discuss.      
Presenter: Josh Streets, Scoreboard Group

1:15 pm Sessions

Lessons Learned from a Serial Educator 

Education isn't only for academics, experience can be an incredibly difficult grader, the academic and "real" worlds really DO connect, how to best leverage training and consulting strategies for the best results .
Presenter: Todd Hutchinson, Mount Mercy University

Quality, Using Leadership and EQ to Get the Right Stuff Done in Trying Times           

Quality is hard to maintain when everything is stressed, more health challenges and sick employees plus all the normal challenges.   This session will explore tools and approaches on how to focus on the right things, with the right leadership techniques. 
Presenter: Dan Stifter   

Building Improvement and Innovation Into Your Organization and Your Application           

Category 4 includes areas to address around continuous improvement and innovation as well as organizational knowledge.  A systematic approach to all of these helps organizations to connect across departments and functions.  It also helps organizations to discover untapped knowledge assets.  Finally, reinforcing a culture that leverages its capabilities for organizational learning can transform an organization

We know that applicants on the Performance Excellence Journey value continuous improvement and innovation. So, why is it so difficult for them to describe learning in their applications?  We also know that responding to the Learning dimension in the Process Scoring Guidelines is key to earning higher scores.

Another key to earning higher scores is describing not only reactive, but proactive, examples of evaluation and improvement of key processes including processes required by the Baldrige Criteria as well as the organization’s own key work and key support processes
Presenter: Kay Kendall, BaldrigeCoach

2:30 pm Sessions

Building a Strong Baldrige Application    

During the journey for performance excellence, many lessons are learned about how to tell your story, learn from others and foster organizational learning.  During this session, you will hear National Award recipients approaches to improvement along the journey.
Presenters: Karen Kiel Rosser & Ron Smith, Mary Greeley Medical Center           

The Culture is Defined By the Way the Leader Leads        

Leaders have responsibility for creating an environment where everyone feels valued and can do their best work.  Participants in this session will gain insight into five practices of leadership that will enhance their effectiveness and the job satisfaction of their team members and peers.  Elements of an effective culture will be explored.  Participants will take the opportunity to create a plan of action for continuing their leadership and culture development journey.               
Presenter: Donna Gilligan, The Gilligan Group      

Appreciation Intelligence: The New AI    

Loyalty and appreciation affect your bottom line and your workplace culture. Don’t think so? Think again! The one thing your customers, clients, and teammates want from you is appreciation. How do you show appreciation for others? You have a preference about how you like to be shown appreciation and so do the people you work with. Think they’re the same? Come find out more in this interactive, engaging, and fun session!
Presenter: Roger Wolkoff, All About Authenticity            

3:45 pm Sessions

Practical Tools for Leaders          

Leaders are tasked with many responsibilities.  However, in order to see sustainable organizational progress they must intentionally focus on attracting a strong team, mentoring and counseling the team they already have and then fostering an environment that allows team members to work hard and have fun.  Philosophical platitudes are not needed to accomplish these goals; instead, the leader must employ practical tools and practices in order to succeed.
Presenter: Ian Dye, College Community School District          

What is your EQ?             

This presentation introduces emotional intelligence and the 5 attributes that it encompasses, discusses its role in our lives and helps the participant assess their own EQ and make an improvement plan.
Presenter: Theresa Heitman, Iowa Quality Center

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