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  • 9 Jun 2020 6:00 PM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

    By Scott Burgmeyer

    Many people ask me about continuous improvement and what the best method is, how they should approach it, when, etc.  My answer is ALWAYS – it depends.  There are several methods – Six Sigma, Lean, Toyota Production System, Lean Sigma, make your own, and so many more. 

    If you are thinking it’s time to start, here are some key questions you need to ask:

    • What are we trying to accomplish with CI?
    • Who is asking to do CI? Leadership? Others?
    • Do we have a budget for it?
    • What support structure do we need?
    • Have we done this before?  If so, what happened?
    • What model fits our culture today AND can grow with us as we evolve?

    The last two questions are the most important.  If you were not successful before, what prevented success?  What will you do to change that this time?  If you haven’t done it before, what will make you successful this time?

    Evolution is crucial to think about. Getting stuck in one method and set of tools will create CI Confusion as you evolve.  One key role for the CI professional is to, as JoAnn Sterke says, “support people to get better at getting better.”  Understanding what you are trying to solve, the history of what has or hasn’t been tried, and visioning the future is a key step to starting CI, and realizing success in the end.

  • 3 Jun 2020 10:00 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

    Coaching is not just for sports anymore!!

    For any of you who have had a great coach in the past--in sports or in business--congratulations!!  Years ago an organization invested in me by hiring an executive coach.  This experience was grueling, reflective, fun, and it developed me well beyond what I realized I could do.  When people ask me what coaching is – it is hard to explain.  There are sooooooo many perspectives out there, and I want to share mine.

    In the simplest of definitions, a coach is someone who supports you from getting from point A to point B.  This can be in your personal, fitness, or business life.  From my perspective, the key components of a great coach are:

    • Coaches don’t talk, they LISTEN
    • Coaches don’t give information, they ask REALLY DEEP questions.
    • Coaches don’t overshare, they tap into the client’s experience.
    • Coaches don’t give solutions, they EXPAND the client’s thinking.
    • Coaches don’t give recommendations, they empower clients to CHOOSE.

    The most powerful aspect of coaching is when the coach holds the mirror up to you and CHALLENGES your thinking and perspective.  The value of this expansion of your mind, perspective, and talent is priceless.

  • 3 Jun 2020 8:00 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

    Welcome to our first IQC blog. It’s very exciting to take our next step of offerings and connecting with fellow Iowans. 

    As we rounded out our strategic plan for 2020 and 2021, one of our goals was to become more visible and connect with IQC members and organizations.  Through the use of virtual mediums, classes, and new offerings, we have taken a strong step forward.

    Our next step in our strategy is to expand our website to include enhanced member content, blogs, vlogs, and resources for you on your journey.

    I am excited to share this next step with you.  Let’s Journey Together!!

    Scott Burgmeyer

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