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Holidays 2020

24 Dec 2020 9:10 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Scott Burgmeyer

It is that time of year when we celebrate and reflect upon various aspects of our life. 2020 may feel different –we see countless reminders of how unique, odd, rare (and many other descriptors) 2020 was. We learned many things this year – going virtual, being bolder by telling your boss – “I think you are on mute,” (or secretly wishing they would stay on mute). This year I have experienced things I never thought I would in my lifetime.

Thinking back on 2020, I want to celebrate a few things:

1. Forced Innovation – all the change brought upon organizations in a short time forced teams to manage innovation and change in a way never seen before. I hope we are able to manage that ability to change in the future paired with more planful timing to execute the change. That would be amazing for organizations to experience.

2. Growing and Nurturing Talent – I have been lucky in 2020 to have had the opportunity to meet, hire, and grow some amazing talent with IQC. When I see what has been accomplished over the last year, what the team is focused on now, and where we are going – I am lucky to have such a great team.

3. Creating New Traditions – working through the changes and with new talent over this year, I reinforced some traditions that I knew before. With #1 & #2 above, I learned that if you provide a direction and vision, give people permission, and get out of the way, they will do amazing things. Yes, this is a teaser for my New Year’s blog reflecting on the innovations and changes we implemented in 2020.

As you finish preparations for your holidays – what are you going to celebrate? Maybe you will start a new tradition, maybe you will continue with the traditions you have carried out for years.

In any case, spend time with those you care about, enjoy the time together, and give thanks for making it through a tough and unique year.


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