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11 Nov 2020 11:19 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Scott Burgmeyer

Daniel Pink wrote in Drive that what really motivates us is Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. The idea of mastery creates thinking for each of us – WHAT am I good at? What do I WANT to be good at? Am I willing to do the WORK to be a master?

To be the best you, Master Shi Heng Yi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-079YIasck&feature=youtu.be) says there are 5 hindrances you must remove to accomplish this –

1) Sensual Desire – Following temptation of your senses that stops your forward movement

2) Ill Will – Negative emotion toward an object, situation, or person

3) Heaviness – mental or physical effort that holds you back

4) Unsettled Mind – Not being in the moment or jumping from thing to thing

5) Skeptical Doubt – Indecisive or clouded mind creating sensation of being stuck

As I reflected on these hindrances, I can see (and have seen) how they create a cloud that prevents me from moving forward as effectively as I could. How do you get over these? Master Shi recommends getting caught in the RAIN:

Recognize which hindrance you are stuck in

Accept that you are there (and accept how people are – you can’t change THEM)

Investigate what is keeping you there (ask questions)

Non-identify – see that you are made up of the mind, body, and emotion and how you will move forward

Stuck? Go out in the Rain!!

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