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The Psychology of Organizational Excellence

16 Sep 2020 2:06 PM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Sarah Blakelock

There are many different factors that influence an organization’s success. While each of these factors is worthy of careful study and thought, the ones that I’m most driven to understand, and I think need to be prioritized in any organization, are centered around human psychology.  


Because every human being seeks happiness and fulfillment. Of course, we often go about achieving these aims in a variety of ways, and with varying levels of success. However, through understanding human psychology, we can more effectively achieve our goals and help others to do the same.

Through my Industrial-Organizational Psychology program, I’ve learned that:  

  • Job satisfaction is associated with less turnover, absenteeism, and job tension. Job satisfaction is also correlated with better job performance and greater job involvement.
  • Perceived fairness of an organization towards its employees builds trust and commitment, improves job performance, leads to greater kindness in the workplace, and even can influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • When perceived support from the organization is high amongst employees, it leads to better job performance, and less employee strain, turnover, and withdrawal.
  • There is plenty of research support that setting goals in the right way can greatly increase employee motivation, which ultimately leads to an increase in both job performance and job satisfaction.

Of course, organizational effectiveness can be increased through multiple pathways, and aiming to understand and improve the psychology of people within an organization is only one of them. However, it’s one that is often overlooked, and I hope that through this post I have been able to spark in you some interest in this topic.

As a new intern at IQC, I am lucky to work for an organization that strives for excellence and understands the importance of getting the psychology right. I’m also grateful to have the opportunity through this internship to learn more about the psychology of organizational excellence.


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