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How We Learn

5 Aug 2020 7:38 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Scott Burgmeyer

Learning is all around us formally and informally. The Baldrige framework defines learning as β€œnew knowledge or skills acquired through evaluation, study, experience, and innovation.” Learning includes both individual and organizational learning. We will focus on individual learning.

As an individual, learning and brain science is clear. 

We need to build capacity in ourselves and others by:

  • Allowing the Cognitive Conflict process to take its course
  • Supporting ourselves and others to be comfortable moving through Cognitive Conflict by providing:
o Autonomy
o Connection
o Mastery

Building a philosophy of learning – one example is 10:20:70 – the amount of learning applied to a topic:

  • 10% Formal Learning
  • 20% Thinking and discussion
  • 70% Application

For example, if you attend a two-hour class to learn a specific skill, to really build fluency in that topic, you should spend four hours thinking about and discussing the learning and fourteen hours practicing or applying the learning.

How do you learn best to become a master of that skill?


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