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3 Jun 2020 10:00 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

Coaching is not just for sports anymore!!

For any of you who have had a great coach in the past--in sports or in business--congratulations!!  Years ago an organization invested in me by hiring an executive coach.  This experience was grueling, reflective, fun, and it developed me well beyond what I realized I could do.  When people ask me what coaching is – it is hard to explain.  There are sooooooo many perspectives out there, and I want to share mine.

In the simplest of definitions, a coach is someone who supports you from getting from point A to point B.  This can be in your personal, fitness, or business life.  From my perspective, the key components of a great coach are:

  • Coaches don’t talk, they LISTEN
  • Coaches don’t give information, they ask REALLY DEEP questions.
  • Coaches don’t overshare, they tap into the client’s experience.
  • Coaches don’t give solutions, they EXPAND the client’s thinking.
  • Coaches don’t give recommendations, they empower clients to CHOOSE.

The most powerful aspect of coaching is when the coach holds the mirror up to you and CHALLENGES your thinking and perspective.  The value of this expansion of your mind, perspective, and talent is priceless.


  • 7 Jun 2020 2:03 PM | Kira Kistner
    Working with a coach was a game-changer for me. I loved the process so much that I am working toward my coaching certification. I highly recommend giving a coach a try!
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