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Be Memorable

3 Mar 2021 8:59 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Scott Burgmeyer

How can you become a memorable leader in a positive way? This is a great question especially when looking at engagement data and the connection to your leadership. Some tactics you can use to truly be memorable:

  • Create Meaning. Be clear on the organization/function’s purpose and connect this to each employee’s passion.
  • Know them as a person and be empathetic. Show care and compassion to your team, provide recognition tailored to what each employee prefers, and show respect.
  • Communicate clearly and often. Ensure that people know the outcomes of decisions, timelines, vision, the “why” and ensure understanding.
  • Build vision connection. We all desire our teams to provide discretionary effort, and the more we connect the dots for people around the vision, they more they will buy in and drive that way.
  • Create urgency. With a balance of fun and execution, you can create a desire to win and work as a team. The key is pushing at the right time AND in the right way to not create excess anxiety.
  • Be Accountable. Be personally accountable, own your errors, and be humble.
  • Hold Accountable. Having difficult conversations may seem counterintuitive to being memorable. When you are fair, consistent, and have difficult conversations, people will remember that you pushed them and didn’t let them off the hook.

Using these 7 methods can boost engagement, build leadership capacity, and have an overall positive impact on your team. Try them and reflect on how you are doing…then keep getting better.


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