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Culture of Improvement

16 Feb 2021 9:17 AM | Sarah Kelly (Administrator)

By Scott Burgmeyer

Building culture is one of the most important things leaders do. The key is whether the leader builds the culture on purpose or by accident.

When building a culture of improvement, 6 key steps can get you there:

  • 1)      Vision: Define what a culture of improvement looks like for you and your organization.
  • 2)      Identify a Framework: Make it visual and simple, with few steps.
  • 3)      Be Self-aware: Understanding yourself and how you impact the team is crucial to leading improvement for the organization.
  • 4)      How vs What: Improvement isn’t a “Thing,” it is how you work. The more you make improvement how you work, the more it will be part of the culture.
  • 5)      Market & Sell: Strategically market the culture and efforts while you are selling improvement to the organization.
  • 6)      Execute: You MUST execute and remember that progress > perfection.

Using these 6 steps, you can build a culture of improvement.


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