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Baldrige is a performance excellence framework designed to improve organizational performance and get sustainable results.

Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence

Iowa Performance Excellence Conference

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program 

Writing a Baldrige Application

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This course is focused on the tools and techniques your organization can use to write an application that will address the Baldrige Criteria. Participants will understand the criteria, what IRPE/Baldrige Examiners are looking for and how to communicate that information in their application. Participants will write portions of their application in class and get real-time feedback to learn and improve their overall application.
Course Length: 1-day
Price per person: $500

Baldrige 101

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During this session, you will learn you how to use the Baldrige framework to understand your organization and help it achieve long-term success. Participants will prioritize areas of improvement and create steps they can take to build and/or sustain their organization.
Course Length: 1-day
Price per person: $500

Baldrige Examiner Experience

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Always wanted to be an examiner but the hours, effort or time of year create a conflict in attending? In this experience, you will learn how to evaluate an organization’s processes and results using the Baldrige Framework. In this interactive experience you will dive deep in the criteria, write feedback, and hone your critical thinking skills while developing an “Examiner Like Brain”.
Course Length: 1-day
Price per person: $500

IRPE Examiner Training

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Use your knowledge and skills to provide feedback to organizations who apply for the Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE). You will work on a team of professionals and review an organizations application, reach consensus and if applicable go on site. Your feedback will provide the applicant valuable insight to push their performance higher.
Course Length: 8 Days
Price per person: $650 (new examiners) $400 (returning examiners)

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