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The Iowa Quality Center (IQC) believes that continuous quality improvement is critical to personal, organizational, and community success. In support of that belief, the IQC was named the administrator for the state of Iowa Baldrige-based Quality Award program.

Purpose of the IRPE:
The Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE) process is intended to provide organizations in the state of Iowa an opportunity to self assess or be externally evaluated against the National Baldrige criteria in order to improve their leadership and management practices to become more effective, efficient, and competitive in the world marketplace. The IRPE process will also provide a mechanism for organizations to share learning regarding best practices of performance excellence.

Every year the state of Iowa recognizes both public and private organizations that follow the journey towards excellence by applying for the IRPE award. Achieving the highest level in the state program is a prerequisite to applying for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award which was designed to empower organization to reach their goals, improve results, and become more competitive in the global marketplace. The Baldrige framework is used in 39 state programs (the Alliance of state awards) and globally recognized as the most rigorous framework in the world.

Organizations that have participated in the process share that the IRPE evaluation is one of the most cost-effective, most comprehensive performance assessments their organization has obtained. The IQC facilitates a 6 hour performance excellence assessment for any organization that may be interested in applying for the IRPE process.

For assessment of your organization based on the Malcolm Baldrige criteria contact the Iowa Quality Center.

2016 IRPE Award Recipients Announced!

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