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Strategic planning provides the roadmap of the future to the organization.  Today’s organizations cannot afford to develop a plan that sits on the bookshelf until the end of the year and then is dusted off to see if goals were attained.

The Iowa Quality Center uses a method of Hoshin Planning (sometimes called Policy Deployment).   Hoshin is an annual planning process that helps an organization set goals with measurable milestones and reconcile actual performance against those milestones.  A high-level goal (objective) is refined within the organization and strategies are developed to ensure its achievement.  Each manager is assigned an objective (or more) and is responsible for creating strategies to achieve their objective. They must also define measurable milestones (metrics) for judging their progress.  Key outputs of the Hoshin Planning process includes:

  • High level objectives are set with measureable milestones.
  • Managers are assigned the task of recognizing strategies to achieve the objective.
  • Milestones are used to monitor progress and individuals are accountable to the plan’s success.
  • A systematic Catchball process to cascade the plan down an organization and align the workforce with detailed tasks needed to achieve the primary objectives.
  • The use of a living document that can be used weekly or monthly to maintain focus on objective and build accountability within the leadership and workforce.
  • A Continuous Improvement philosophy is deployed throughout the culture of the organization.
  • Metrics are used to provide directions and decisions are made using data that is proactive in leading the organization to success.

Contact the Iowa Quality Centertoday for assistance in facilitating your strategic planning process and leading you to sustainable deployment.  

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