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Learn how to assess your organizational performance through the application of the only proven performance excellence framework used internationally.  This opportunity will provide knowledge of what questions you should ask yourself to clarify your processes and align the results to grow and sustain your business.

Baldrige Core Values

  • Systems Perspective
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Customer Focused Excellence
  • Valuing People
  • Organizational Learning and Agility
  • Focus on Success
  • Managing Through Innovation
  • Management By Fact
  • Societal Responsibility and Community Health
  • Ethics and Transparency

NEXT CLASS:   March 31, 2017  8:30am-4:30pm at Businessolver, 1025 Ashworth Rd, Ste 101 West Des Moines, Iowa

$199 per person

$179 for two (2) or more participants from the same organization.

Free to those organizations that intend to apply for the 2017 process and have not been a past applicant. (Eligibility Form must be completed)

Includes lunch, refreshments and a copy of the IQC Capacity Matrix ($100 value) & 2017 Baldrige Criteria ($25 value)


Who Should Attend?
  • Organizations applying for the IRPE Award, or Baldrige Award.
  • Writing teams from organizations that need to understand the Criteria as well as how to bring a group perspective together in one application.
  • Anyone connected with an application writing project team: senior management champions, project team leaders, or team members.

This full day class will focus on the tools and techniques your organization can use to write an application.  Participants will understand what the IRPE/Baldrige Examiners are looking for in an application and how to organize the right people to complete an application.

Course Outline

1. Understanding Criteria

2. Set your Goal

a.  Why Apply?

b.  Expectations

3. Get Organized

a.  Team Approach

b.  Roles & Responsibilities

c.  Collecting information

4. Writing the Application/Understanding the Capacity Matrix

a.  Know the Criteria

b.  Organizational Profile

c.  What vs. How

d.  Systematic Process

e.  Results

f.  Scoring guidelines

g.  10 common mistakes

h.  Benefits


  • Gary Nesteby is the current Executive Director of the IRPE process, 6 year national Baldrige Senior Examiner and 39 years experience in the field of continual improvement.
  • Current Examiners and Judges in the IRPE process will be available to assist in the learning and application of the Baldrige framework.

Did You Know?

  • There are 32 state award programs in the United States that have formed a non profit organization named the alliance for Performance Excellence.
  • Each state process provides their best organizations to the national Baldrige through achievement at the top level of the any state process.
  • Iowa is one of the top five state programs mostly due to the number of examiners in the process as well as the governance of the process.


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